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Website & Application Maintenance

A significant experience in providing application maintenance and support services, including request based software services, enhancement services for third party products, change request based support and post release support has assisted eNIDUS to grow as a reputed name in the techno-domain. As part of these services, eNIDUS provides feature level and request level design and development for products, bug fixing, enhancements, operational support, and product level testing & fixing. We also take care of bugs created by other developers, and perform periodic clean ups. In addition we also perform assessments like quality assurance & testing and debugging.
We take special care of:
  • Assessment of existing applications and take over
  • Timely & proactive application maintenance (1st and 2nd line support are made available in our offshore facilities)
  • Supply of consistent resources for ongoing maintenance, new development and upgrades
  • Functional extensions
  • Legacy migration
  • Application documenting
eNIDUS's application maintenance and support teams follow a proven offshore delivery model and world-class software development processes. Outsourced maintenance relieves the client staff of the burden of support, freeing them for knowledge-intensive work and innovation. Initiating the process of outsourcing helps the client to optimize internal processes and organization, raise business efficiencies and ultimately - save money.
Our Services Packages enitial:
  • Processing routine change requests
  • Periodic software performance assessment
  • Application usage monitoring and report generation
  • Database Changes and Optimization
We understand that the scope of a well-designed website or a custom application is limitless. Thus, we keep it a primary objective to develop or maintain a site that is fast loading & user friendly. Whatever the requirement of a database, we deliver a cost-effective solution, tailored to your e-Commerce requirements.
Our application maintenance contracts are usually set on a monthly target to deliver you excellent service at a much lower cost than maintaining a development and maintenance team at your premises.
We know how to address customers' needs and match our resources to serve those needs. Clients report up to 65% of cost savings by outsourcing their application maintenance services. Contact us on quick-contact with your questions or comments, or if you need more information.