Precision is our aim. We take special care to recommend tailored solutions to suits our client’s specific business requirements. Different strokes for different folks, out veteran tech-experts swear by the Idea.
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Web Application Development

In the recent times, one’s web presence is equivalent to one’s presence at all. So, you’re there at all, if you’re here first. And this presence it what makes a query turn into a client. That is what we do!
Passionately, and with a deep thought & intense research gone into it; Website Designing & user interface management. As a leading web designing company, we consistently deliver world class web designs to our clients.
Our aim is to create holistic & complete web based solutions for our clients to fetch them maximum visibility, achieve business goals and maximize their return on investment.
We entail:
  • Website designs
  • Web development
  • E-Commerce Web Applications
  • Website maintenance
Our team of highly skilled web designers works on creating and crafting ideas that match our customers’ requirements, their branding desires and the brand’s personality completely. We aim at excelling both the art of innovative designs and industry standard benchmarks.
A 360* degree approach
The art of excellence in Application development does not finish with its creation. There, it modestly begins. In the age of ever changing, ever-evolving technology, what we induce today, might require a stringent revamp or an upgrade tomorrow. This is where eNIDUS capitalizes on its view full circle and holistic view. We not only design & develop applications for you, but we also assist you in their judicious utilization. We maintain a tracked check-back and help you with innovative solutions to add to its longevity and keep it meaningful. Life Cycle Model
We understand your requirements, your business desires and scope of operation, to provide you with the most optimum applications that will boost your performance. Goes in a lot data analysis, keep scrutiny of market trends, existing applications. We carefully devise what will suit you the best and yet be most work-efficient and cost-effective.
We give your thoughts, business requirements and ideas a shape. By understanding the business logic and the desired goals of your website (to educate, to purchase, to subscribe), we create unique user interfaces that display you powerfully and showcases your brand in the best possible light. We take exclusive care of:
  • White space management
  • Color compatibility
  • Consistent corporate brand guidelines
  • Visually appealing interface
  • Effective layout of content and images
To develop the design, our team of expert developer’s works on the coding, testing, validating and documenting work of the website.
We deploy the project only after the client is 100% satisfied with our services. We ensure the client that all his requirements are covered and the website reflects his business brand image and gain the most business benefits as possible.
Our aim is to get our client ‘optimum-visibility’, business benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. Our Search Engine Optimization campaigns to provide value to different audiences, market focus and taking into consideration, the target audience expectations when searching the web.
The idea is to achieve targeted traffic on the client’s site. Since that is directly proportionate to the sales or the business efficiency.
A constant analysis, supervision and scrutiny make gaps easily visible. With the trends changing each minute and developments occurring every fraction of a second, it has become quintessential for every business to constantly keep enhancing itself to maintain & improve its productivity. This is why we call, what we offer an ongoing round goblin methodology.
W3C Accessibility
Also, we take special care in making our website accessible according to the W3C guidelines of content accessibility and hence make the site smooth in transgression. We closely examine every level of contact or interface that the customer may have with our design to make the user interface a client’s delight!
Our basic design principles will include W3C accessibility validations done for most of the A checkpoints. For clients needing further accessible websites, we have the ability and expertise to be able to deliver them.
What More
Other services that we offer to our clients looking for web based solutions are
  1. Content Creation/Translation
  2. Custom Software Development
  3. E-Commerce Enablement
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Social Media Optimization