There are situations when an ant is nimbler and far effective than a mammoth. At eNIDUS, this is understood and valued. Rather than offering you readymade packages, we attempt to understand you need and desire of engagement.
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Engagement Models

eNIDUS offers a very flexible structure how a client can leverage our services. We offer them onsite placements, onsite project management with offshore teams, offshore project development and delivery, dedicated offshore teams, offshore development center and even the option to enter into a partnership with us which is the collaborative approach to the offshore delivery model.
Engagement Models
Partnership- Partnership is a long term collaborative relationship where the client is free to fetch business in the local market by using our expertise and delivery capabilities.
Dedicated ODC- Dedicated offshore resources that act as virtual extensions of clients’ own development teams and exclusive development facility for critical projects / product co-development. This is the model with the maximum cost savings.
Shared Offshore Development Center (ODC)- Project-based offshore execution which combines fast time to start, convenient terms, and simple scalability. This is based on the agreed Project Cost subject to Request for Change.
Offshore Project Management- Greater degree of offshore execution with onsite presence for implementation, support and coordination. In this model the team is offsite but the project manager is present onsite, to handle complexities at that end.
Pilot Project (Proof of Concept)- E.g. onsite staffing with minimal offshore support.