A meets B. B meets C. C knows B, E, F and H. That is how all (B,C,E,F&H) know A. This is exactly how a ripple spreads in water, moving a lot of big fishes. We use this platform for all to know your brand. This is excellent SMO.
Creating the Ripple Effect

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Twitter…Facebook…Plaxo….LinkedIn….Hub……. and that is where the real world is. Logged in! For that is where the real action is. So it is just so right for your brand to be there too, to catch your customer unaware. Social media networking sites, allow everyone to network! And it is thus the most judicious way to find everybody under one umbrella; our brand would want to cater to.
We at eNIDUS provide best Social Media Optimization Package that increase higher volume of traffic and moving your site to the top. Our experts get you the best results, submitting your bookmarks on all the highly ranked sites, working diligently to make your brand top the charts on Social Media sites like You Tube, Face Book, MySpace and more.
Social Media/ Web 2.0
Is any method that allows groups and individuals to interact and share information is central to the theme of Social Media Optimization. We could categorically divide these sites into four broad-heads:
Business Networking Sites-help you connect to the rest of the audience on professional parameters e.g., Plaxo.
Social Bookmarking-want you to build a network of contacts and share information via clubs, groups and forums e.g., Twitter.
Hub Sites-provide a social bookmarking service to store your favourite web sites/pages online and share with others. Example, you like an article, save it and publish it on the face book wall for the world to visit and read it!
Social Networking Sites-allow individuals to share profiles, news, gossip, photos and more e.g., Facebook.
An internet based concept through some social media groups ' go offline' to form cooperatives or engage in traditional networking events offers us an unending list of people.
Social Media Optimization
How ‘it’ works:
These sites are actually termed ‘marketing minefields’ due to huge audience, low costs involved, superbly promising reach and third party acknowledgment.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) incorporates various methodologies to generate & garner publicity by the means forming online communities and community websites. Each passing day sees this bracket more promising as a tool to fetch targeted traffic to the websites.
eNIDUS helps you capitalize on ‘participative nature’ of audience strategically to get the coveted aim. In their optimum usage, they can clearly showcase on how brand reflects in the eyes of the masses. Triggered intentionally or by a third party, various conversations float online, thus making it imperative for us to not only keep the guards on but steer them in the right direction to retain the intended positioning. We help you optimize this felicity of Social Media Marketing.
Our Purpose: To capitalize the magnanimous popularity that these privileged sites enjoy.
The Value addition by Affiliate Marketing:
  • Likability through fresh & catchy content
  • Direct traffic to your site
  • Improved brand visibility & brand reputation
We offer:
  • Regular RSS feeds
  • Rewarding Inbound links
  • Integrating third party community functionalities like Flickr photo slides and galleries or YouTube videos
  • Submitting of videos & PPT to various social media sites
  • Creating blogs
  • Depositing articles/ releases etc.
All this done scientifically, works wonders for your brand image. It reflects all over the internet. It is online word of mouth, only better since it is documented and can be traced in history.