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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It has touched people. It has touched products. IT has changed people. IT has changed lives. Social media is pivotal milestone in world of marketing. Before this, no one would have thought of a brand engaging with a customer this way.
IInterestingly, it has also changed the way consumers would relate or engage with a brand. The way consumers connect with a brand or other co-consumers on a social networking site, is amazing & unbelievable. With digital consumers increasingly getting connected, their voice is growing stronger and influential.
Here lies the greatest opportunity & the greatest risk, and the role of eNIDUS, to bridge the gap and turn a risk into an opportunity. We focus on building your brand through social media marketing; we listen to consumers closely, looking for meaning & trends in their conversations on the web.
How ‘it’ works:
Social Media Marketing
  • Social Analytics
  • It aids thorough customer relationship management and learning about consumer experience,query clarification,feedback allocation,peer-to-peer collaboration,and multi-channel interaction. Output is conversion of consumers into brand advocates.
  • Dialogue (Blogging)
  • It creates awareness about your products and services across thesegments in terms of reach,relevance and time.It delivers your messages to a wider audience quickly.
  • Community
  • From the horse’s mouth,it allows consumers to intermingle and gets you an instant feedback on existing products or services and the change required there-in. Involving consumers in the innovation cycle directly, it hastens launch of improved products /services.
  • Content Aggregation
  • It helps to keep a close scrutiny on user preferences/sentiments,likes/ dislikes, and opinions/insights. You could easily capitalize intelligent feedback and utilizeit judiciously for the benefit of the brand. It assists you to gather and monitor opinions on the brand’s image and devise a communication strategy to change or sustain it.
  • Content Distribution
  • Once the strategy is in place, then it is important to circulate the intended news in market to keep the existing image afloat or to modify it. Both ways, Social media as a measure is as productive if not better than,market research, to measure brand affinity,foster sales and enhance brand value.
The Value addition of Directory Submission:
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Trend analysis
  • Brand monitoring
  • Early adopter feedback
  • Earnest loyalty Program
We Offer:
  • Join Pages /Builds communities
  • Data Collection /Channels information to the social web
  • E-commerce and customer care
  • Inclusive digital consumer experience
While you’re busy with the production and performance, our experts respond to the end customer’s apprehensions most genuinely, building a community of supporters and advocates, enabling consumers to share the personal experience of a brand.