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Portal Development

Portals make the world go round! And rounder, since they connect all to one and one to all. There isn’t much that one cannot shop from, pick up of, or read at a particular page online! Thus, each industry relies on Portals to portray, distribute and acknowledge Information, data and products on the web.
Enterprise portals are the most significant weapons in the battle of publicity management. A portal converts data into information lending it meaning, sense & scrutiny. When increasing productivity and improving corporate responsiveness are key objectives, a portal can speed access to vital information. Every enterprise today values Portals in the form of Intranets and Extranets as a starting point to enterprise portals.
Our task with corporations is to develop customized portal solutions, providing a single point-of-entry to key organization data including: internal information sources, in-house database of specifications, standards, vendor catalogues and other external data sources.
We offer an intense analysis of your information requirements, creating an enterprise portal solution that provides immediate access to critical information needed to make strategic, purchasing, maintenance and quality assurance decisions that directly impact costs, time-to-market, product quality and process efficiencies.
We keep a sharp eye on:
  • Providing a Graphical View of complex /large chunks of information making it adaptive & understandable
  • Ensuring Desktop access via password recognition to information stored in dispersed centers
  • Devising application for seamless integration of applications and data sources
  • Offering Easy installation and on-site user training
  • Designing personalization controls to customize user information retrieval and access rights
The diagram below gives you a clear, sequential insight into the development process of the community web portal. Portal development is a progressive art with an evaluation of efficiency at each step.
Portal Development
  • Gather user requirements (Specifications for web site’s design & HTML pages).
  • The requirements set expectations (Clarity on navigation paths that is expected, web page linking, functionalities provided).
  • This gives us the web site design. (This design phase strongly relies on the formal structure, the system design coupled with the developments/modifications done to meet the users' needs.
  • Along with the designing, system designing process discovers the relevant domain terms.
  • This clarifies the requirements, understandings, specifications, and constraints.
  • This cycle goes on till the current system design becomes sufficiently stable.
  • Now, we test the website’s functionality. Then form views and queries on all the earlier phases are formalized. We term the phase Data extraction.
  • During this process of testing, inconsistencies are detected, fed back to the engineering phase to eventually deliver splendid functionality and creating dynamic web pages.
  • Finally, web pages are populated, transforming all the exertion into an operational portal.
  • After that it only requires concurrent up-gradation and maintenance.
Two classic examples of our efficient portal development work are:
CELLHUB- An exclusive online portal that offers T-Mobile Cell Phone plans and deals (new & upgrades). One of the leading mobile phone portals in the U.S., it caters to the prime customers for T-Mobile, shelving handsets from all leading brands. Easy navigation, clear detailing & timely response has ensured consistent traffic on the website. We offer them all-inclusive services; both maintenance and marketing are taken care of by us. Please click on to view the site.
PROPERTYMIXER- First of its kind social media site catering to real estate investment clientele from India & Dubai. This sole business networking platform links investors, developers, brokers, consultants, investment bankers, fund managers, real estate investment professionals & developers in a unique realty web. Its carefully, neatly designed pages have been powerfully backed by our strong SEO activities. The output is in one word is ‘exceptional’, just like the idea. Please click on to view the site.
With the state of art expertise and superb interplay of technology, we have developed various successful portals. Our portals pride of easy navigation, charming designs, and comprehensive content and vibrant displays.