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Offshore Cost Advantage

eNIDUS offers what’s called best of both worlds! With a Pan-American presence that assures you face-to-face commitments, regular exchange of updates and developments without having to slog at a long distance difficult telephone/language barrier/, our highly skilled team of experts offshore, exerting rigorously to offer the most lucrative and pedagogic technical solutions, saves you a lot of money.
We have walked milestones handling outsourcing software programming business and engineering services beyond national boundaries. And the most comfortable stance is that you don’t have to exert at making yourself understood to a new team, or attempt to smoothen any cultural gaps. You tell us, and we tell our team, your requirements down to the last details. We streamline all the creases, and it exhilarates you performance and yet gives an advantage of saving money.
So you enjoy onshore quality for offshore prices! Please view the benefits of counting on us:
Strategic Reasons for Outsourcing
Improve Business Focus
Accelerate Reengineering Benefits
Share Risks
Redirect IS Resources to More Strategic Activities
Tactical Reasons for Outsourcing
Reduce Or Control Operating Cost
Make Capital Funds Available
Generate A Cash Infusion
Secure Resources Not Available Internally
Benefits of Offshore Development
  • Offshore Software Development

    significantly saves costs
  • An

    Offshore Software Development

    center (ODC) works according to International timings
  • Offshore Software Development

    provides a much extended resource pool
  • Offshore Software Development

    allows focus on more strategic business decisions or moves
  • Offshore Software Development

    gives quick ramp up and down facilities
The India Advantage - Offshore Development to India
India now comes packed with promise of genius in IT outsourcing business, last few years have seen IT out-sourcing expanding to India. Owing to its innate talent, expanding infrastructure, excellent human capital management & its reputation foe timeliness & quality delivery, India has emerged as top IT destinations.
Offshore Cost Advantage
It is a fact that one saves about 60% of the total costs by disseminating tasks offshore. And this attracts a large chunk of US companies to consider offshore outsourcing as a pragmatic resolution of IT concerns. In spite of the in-house resistance on going offshore, US has managed to shift a significant number of IT Jobs overseas & UK and Australia following the suit, considering the advantage of a profitable offshore model!
And you not only save costs by shunting tasks such as programming, application migration outside. It also frees up in-house staff to work on more strategic developments. This gives a boost to the overall business and leaves the business clutter-free. A survey conducted by the Weiss man Center for International Banking at Baruch College and The Paaras Group (TPG) found that offshore outsourcing (simply called "offshoring" in the survey) is working for many adopters.
It canvassed 38 adopter companies (30 from North America and the remainder from Europe), of which over 60 percent were banks and financial services companies. Half of the entire sample space was constituted by companies with more than $5 billion a year in revenues. Most (85 percent) of these companies are involved in IT offshoring, with 36 percent outsourcing contact centers and 40 percentoffsourcing business processes. Although the tendency is to think of offshoring as a relatively recent phenomenon, over a quarter of all surveyed companies have been involved for over a decade now.
Regardless of the offshoring model, the surveyed companies reported an 89 percent satisfaction rate (with 43 percent satisfied "in a major way"). Furthermore, 89 percent also plan to increase offsourcing (65 percent "in a major way"). A total of 93 percent of respondents believe that offshoring has grown, while 61 percent believe that the quality of offshoring has improved. The survey affirms that the primary (94 percent) motive behind offshoring is cost savings; however, no less than 63 percent of companies said it was about accessing skilled resources and 51 percent cited improving quality.
The entire idea of offshoring has become a wave, globally. They can clearly see the benefits. Costs can be up to 60-70% lower but with a minimum of 30-40% cost saving for any model, work quality can be on par with that of local or in-house developers, and risks can be low.