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Custom Application Development

While buying a dress, you try it on a couple of times to decide if it fits. Usually, after a few attempts you understand if the color was a tone lighter, or the fabric stiffer, or the cut deeper, the dress would’ve fitted your body type better.
Applications are not any different! It may be Desktop based applications or web applications, packaged products for many industries and functions are available in the market, may be at even lesser costs, but Custom Application Development gives you the flexibility to design the software tailored to your needs and fit into your processes.
With increasing demands, enterprises worldwide are finding it difficult to implement, and support new applications, while at the same time, maintaining and upgrading their existing systems. For organizations world-wide, adapting to the new technology advancements remains a constant challenge and therefore successful

Custom Web Development

 and its implementation remains the primary concern.
What a Custom Build Application can do for you:
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • More specialist knowledge of diverse technologies
  • Eliminate travel expenses
  • Speed up time to market
  • Provide you with reliable and secure communications
  • Flexibility of operations
We at eNIDUS Solutions understand that

Custom Application Development

requires applicability, flexibility and more importantly reliability, in the early as well as the later development stages to ensure successful productivity. eNIDUS delivers Custom Application within the context of client's business objectives and strategies and to the satisfaction of the business.

web application development

tracking an employee’s attendance to undertaking huge IT projects for an enterprise, we have the right expertise to successfully deploy Desktop applications for your business.
We endeavour to satisfy all the client requirements at the same time helping them implement the application and adoption methodologies.
The eNIDUS engagement models include:
What a Custom Build Application can do for you:
  • Fixed Cost Projects
  • Time & Material based
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Staff placement on site
The type of engagement model applicable will vary depending on the project & client’s requirements, approach and long term strategy.
Custom Application Development at eNIDUS provides an unequalled combination of ease-of-development of scalable and robust enterprise class applications to our clients in less time with reduced costs & simplified infrastructure complexity. We keep your success in our bird’s eye view.