Delegation if done through & to the right medium becomes a science. This is the science of online brand building called affiliate marketing. We use it scientifically to get tremendous traffic on your website from all directions.
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Affiliate Marketing

As we see it, affiliate marketing is one of the most sensible and feasible online marketingmethods. It has historically promoted many products and services online. It is gaining popularity as a sturdy method of brand building that enormously benefits both the parties: the merchant and the affiliate.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing can broadly be classified into:
Pay Per Click
As the name goes Pay Per Click , the affiliate gets paid once the potential customer clicks on the advertisement (banner/link) posted by the merchant which takes them to their website. Since the customer just needs to click on the link, the payment method in this case would probably be CPA since there is no further action required from the affiliate (to maintain customer activity).
Pay Per Lead
The customer visits the affiliate's site, is exposed to the merchant's product/brand and registers an account at the merchant's website. The affiliate gets paid a bounty payment (CPA) for these leads.
Affiliates can send traffic to the online merchant’s site using both online (via their website links/banners) and offline (via business cards which can link to a landing page) methods.
Pay Per Sale
The affiliate is rewarded for any sales made by customers who came from his site. In this case the payment method could very likely be a percentage on the cost of the purchased item.
The Value addition by Affiliate Marketing:
  • Marketing Tools to push the brand/product
  • Reliable tracking
  • Timely replies to customer’s queries
  • judicious Content renovation
  • Detailed Performance measures
  • We earn, they earn
We Offer:
  • Meaningful campaign strategy
  • Ad designs to attract the potential customer
  • Rigorous affiliate search
  • Regular reportage measure productive
  • Adroit team of professionals