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Web Designing and Development
eNIDUS realizes the importance of a captivating, easily navigable website for corporate success. Intuitive user interface promises website’s visitors an aesthetic experience paving way for greater realizations. Adroit with latest New York web designing trends, our New York web-designs are known for their innovative themes, color combinations and attentiveness to W3C guidelines for content accessibility.
Custom Application Development
Mastering application of packaged software, we are champs at customized software application development also. It contains developing be-spoke applications to cater specific user requirements. Equipped in developing web and desktop applications we charter their usage through a three tier (pre-during-post) application phase, to enable effective operations and easy adaptations in the future. We offer remarkable customized packages.
Seo Services USA
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services meant to increase targeted traffic towards the client site that ultimately boosts sales or sells his services. SEO also aims at creating brand visibility for a site. With aflux in new websites, it is only possible for a user to search through the initial few sites to get the information he is looking for, thus creating a need for an effective SEO Strategy.
Mobile Application Development
Racing with Gen-X, everyone aims at using technology to achieve unique levels of freedom & mobility. Connectivity is rapidly expanding in meaning to become synonymous with one’s presence. We actively engage and involve ourselves in the emerging Mobile marketplace at Our Offshore development center, developing highly customized & innovative mobile applications. We specialise in iPhone, BlackBerry & Andriod based apps.
Portal Development
Enterprise portals form the hub of information within an enterprise or an industry. We design your portals intelligently & crisply so that they respond according to the user preferences, filter data & present it in the most usable format to the target audience. A seamless Portal fetches a brand supreme mileage & goodwill. We specialize in all including enterprise portal solutions, intranets, extranets & social networking hubs.
www.cellhub.com/ Visit
An exclusive online portal that offers T-Mobile Cell Phone plans and deals (new & upgrades). One of the leading mobile phone portals in the U.S., it caters to the prime customers for T-Mobile, shelving handsets from all leading brands. Easy navigation, clear detailing & timely response has ensured consistent traffic on the website.
Verve Hotel
www.vervehotel.com/ Visit
Located well within radius of five kilometers from all the hot-spot tourist destinations, Verve Hotel is a premium Hotel in New York. It is also central to all the Tourists destinations & Universities in the city, tourists &young students seeking admission in the neighboring Universities are its prime target audience.
Fund Factor
www.fundfactor.com/ Visit
Fundfactor is a cashless funding company based out of the Manhattan Area. It assists small and budding entrepreneurs with ready cash to achieve expansion & ease their everyday challenges. We have recently designed &developed their website keeping in mind its target audience, ensuring easy accessibility & smooth transitioning.
www.propertymixer.com/ Visit
First of its kind social media site catering to clientele from India & Dubai. This sole business networking platform links investors, developers, brokers, consultants, investment bankers, fund managers, real estate investment professionals & developers in a unique realty web.
www.trimobilephone.com/ Visit
A supremely colorful portal, intricately designed to showcase & sell GSM unlocked phones from all the leading brands like Nokia, Sony etc.We understand that the portal appeals to young minds, quick & sharp with technology. We ensure that the running text provides them all the vital technical information as soon as they tap on the phone’s image.
Pickled Evenings
www.pickledevenings.com.au / Visit
An exclusive portal for a sumptuous Indian restaurant in Australia, called pickled evenings. The site is crafted in a luxuriously colorful pattern to give the visitor a grand and comfortable feel. It is well designed, easy to navigate and comfortably simple, with a la-carte menu inclusive of prices.
www.kgsuzuki.com/ Visit
One of its kind online platform, It is responsible for selling new and used cars by Suzuki& all the other leading brands. It presents us a huge variety both in terms of what it offers & its clientele. Since it caters to an audience across segmentations, it poses an exciting challenge in terms of its design and marketing.
Visit OCG
visit ocg / Visit
A leading virtual shopping portal in the U.S., it generates huge business and attracts enormous traffic to itself. Owing to the vast variety of products, services, deals, and dealers that it pacts with, the site presents s huge challenge and an opportunity therein, for splendid internet marketing activities. We’ve located the opportunity and deliberated on our strategy around it.
My Medical Choices
www.mymedicalchoices.com.au/ Visit
A medical chain based out of Australia, operates its online entity for a medical tourism business via this portal. It caters to cosmetics, dental & other specialist treatments. The website has be done good, promising easy navigation, comprehensive information, flawless detailing.
Dr. Anand’s Pets Clinic
www.dranandspetsclinic.com/ Visit
Dr. Anand’s Pets Clinic is serving the pet population of Delhi & NCR for the last 30 years with utmost dedication and sincerity. We just let the world know, the online world, we mean that how simple yet needed this noble professional care for your pet is. Again, we’ve offered it an all-round conversion of this portal.
Past Life Connection
www.pastlifeconnection.com/ Visit
The spiritual leg that talks of past lives, and their connection to our present lives, is making huge ripples these days. We have extensively created, designed, and conceptualized this site for a group of renowned past life therapists, to reach out to the audience and assist them to get rid of their karmic debts.
www.a1bollywood.com/ Visit
An online platform frequented by all the movie buff across the world, this Portal showcases all the latest Bollywood movies & music. Forfunky, jazzy and fascinated movie-buffs, the portal had to be designed keeping it youthful appeal, charisma and chutzpah in mind.
Online Phone Store
www.onlinephonestore.com/ Visit
Yet another brilliantly done portal that cabinets & sells GSM unlocked phones from leading brands like Nokia, Sony, Blackberry etc. for various leading service providers in the U.S. We’ve attempted to give it matchless design & thought with our arduous inventiveness. Catering to a huge audience, the portal has to facilitate smooth transition and ease of detailing.
Serenity through Surrender
www.serenitysurrender.com/ Visit
A website that whiffs of unique spiritual solutions. We understand the audience and grace they wish to envision. So, we keep it in mind while working on the website design, in the text that it withholds, and its directional ability. We have offered it a holistic application and development module. This site is climbing the ladder to its rankings on Google.
Healing Cottage
www.healingcottage.in/ Visit
A one of its kind hub for new age therapies like Past Life Regression and Serenity surrender, the portal caters to a niche audience that is looking for alternative therapies than medicine. The design, feel, language, ambience and presentation of the site welcomes and inspires this targeted clientele. A string of thoughtful innovative articles backed by methodical SEO practices interesting SMO activity is set to take the site to new heights.
Quantum Group
Quantum Group/ Visit
Quantum Group, yet another excelling client in the financial markets, caters to point-of sale credit card processing and cash advance funding. Their century long exposure in the industry sets them apart in the crowd and their superbly crafted website sets them apart online. A site we designed keeping in mid the niche target audience, to facilitate smooth transitioning and easy accessibility.
Onetouch Water
www.onetouchwater.com/ Visit
Onetouch water is an online shopping portal that showcases water purifiers of all sizes and varieties. We understand that it is an industry that is expanding at a really fast pace, thus it caters to a huge audience, demographically. Therefore the design is simple yet illustrative, with the size and prices mentioned clearly.
DigJungle/ Visit
DigJungle is a site for gizmo freak; it offers all that is electronic and workable. It also deals in latest GSM handsets and the inclusive accessories. The site is designed thus, keeping in mind huge product range, thus variable audience that will seek an easy to access website. It is easy to navigate and transition with the crumbs for aid.
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore/ Visit
Oliver Moore, boot makers is a site right after our heart! Industry gives us a chance to play with colors, class and design. Since their clientele will be premium, the site’s design and layout are synonym with style, ease and comfort, since that is the least promise a shoemaker should fulfill. The font and fell of the portal bespeak of class and grandeur that befits the brand!
Student estore
Student estore/ Visit
A vividly designed, lively and colorful portal to ensure that the portal looks what it is names- student estore. The site displays the best prepaid deals for youngsters from USA’s largest network service provider T-Mobile. We understand that the audience on the site will be street smart, intelligent and sharp, thus it is designed keeping in mind all the facets.
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